Security Systems

security monitoring control console room with a wall of screens and two workers back silhouettes

FBS Electrical Services have a team of dedicated security system installers, they have installed a range of security features to commercial and industrial properties from basic CCTV systems to the more complex systems. The complex system involves a networked system of access control, alarms and CCTV system interrogated into one simple system.

Having reliable security systems are a fundamental feature of any commercial or industrial property, there are a huge range of options that are possible during any fit outs or refurbishment works. The system can be as simple as an alarm system covering entrances such as doors and windows, through to a complete integrated system linking the alarms to access control, CCTV and emergency lighting system. This can provide a far more comprehensive protection of your team and property.



Our professional security system engineers provide a specialist solution so that properties are able to have that extra security for their property. We provide a wide range of services including Electrical Testing, CCTV Installations and many others, our team of highly skilled professionals ensure that you have access to the very security systems that available to date.

You can find further information about our Complete Electrical Services, CCTV installations and Access Controls throughout this website. We also have a portfolio of so of our recent projects. If you would like further details on our services and a free quotation, please contact us today.


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